Read the Printed Word! So long as we stay here.
So long as we stay here.

It’s great to have a patient boyfriend who’s…patient. 

You run into shadows
That reflect all the bad parts
Because you love
Those parts
The most

I dreamt I was to marry you
The same day you proposed
And I was sad the whole time
Because it was so sudden
That my brother could not make it
There was a baby bird
We tried to save but couldn’t
So we shipped him overseas,
In a makeshift shoebox coffin
And Beyonce was there
And stealing all the attention
The gifts we received were plastic
And cheap
Though at least we finally got a can opener
And the banquet servers were arguing
About how high maintenance Bey was
Instead of paying attention to me
I also tried to relax by animating
But I couldn’t do it
And I hated my hands
For their disobedience
Everything went wrong
But my family was pleasant
And your mom was pleasant enough
I woke up beside you
And affirmed by your heavy breath
In the small of my back
Nuzzled like a baby
Protected and on guard
Protecting simultaneously
That it will not be like that
As far as you can help it
Because you would have none
Of that infringement
On my happiness

It is as if the stars
Were made for you and I
And I’ve never changed my mind
About that.
Trust me, I’ve had many drinks that would like to tell me otherwise.
But, there is a boy
Whom I love deeply
I tell him often,
And I would do anything for him.
It is hard, mostly.
Love is compromise
And fighting
And saying things are okay”
But only when they are.
With you, the stars
Were light and guide
There was no fight
To be had.
That is why I do not
And cannot
Love you
As I love him.
Because I love you the way I love the sun
Thankfully and needily
But, I love him the way I love the very stars that were made for us, you and I
Deeply, desperately, and blue as a sweet autumn night.
Exist in my every breath
But do not fill my heart,
For you are the sun
And he is the stars.
And I am one
To trip in the broad of day
But I do not fall
Except For blue and ambient night.

My heart sang Chopin
Nocturne Op. 9 no. 2
Treading lightly
On top of my eyes
A barrier
Where I keep
To preserve
At least
My insides

Lucky for blue

That she is a color

She is expected to look this way

Let every inch of me
Love every inch of you
Our idle night a painting
In shades of gray and blue

Keep careful to remember
The wars we choose to fight
They keep this wild and vicious storm,
Our love,
Like stars,

Writers read. And when they don’t they write.


Really excited to announce our next cassette tape, a full-length collection of lofi recordings from QUARTERBACKS' own, Dean Engle! These are some of our favorite new QBs songs, and the low-key feels on “QUARTERBOY” are an excellent follow up to the hard hitting energy behind “SPORTSCENTER”. Keep an eye out for a new single soon. Coming May 6th, 2014 to a tape deck near you!

this week

He bought a shared dresser for us today because “we need one” for things, though implicitly it is, hey— let’s share this shit, (i.e. things, days, brain waves, dreams—-etc.) He is the kettle cooked plain lightly salted potato chip to my butter pecan ice cream with real pecan chunks and added-in-yourself-chocolate chips, pretty much.

What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.

Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (via larmoyante)


"A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted" - Miranda July