"pyramids fucking exist" - Adron

g dog and I went to take advantage of the labor day price cuts at GC and we got us a new recording interface for 15 percent less than would be tomorrow and our bomb ass electroharmonix cathedral reverb pedal should arrive in the mail tomorrow so what I am saying is really cool things are about to come from *newly named* blue hairpin rebellion and you better get ur game face on

hey tumblr meet my berry matte baby
this fella got new glasses today my mans lookin pretty fly
im a qt

i havent loved someones voice as much as i love roya weidmans voice ever dear GOD

+Flagpole Premieres: Juna Announces New Album, Releases 'On Patience' Video

JUNA has new things :)

+roya weidman

Interviewing at Ike and Jane’s and the job requirements are: be  sweet. Cool, I can do that :)


Cyberbully Mom Club: outdoor activities